The Complexity Of Estate Planning Made Simpler

Your estate is your legacy: It allows you to make a lasting mark on the lives of those you love and organizations that you value. Just as a well-lived life needs planning and forethought, you must carefully craft your estate plan to avoid high taxation and the possibility for disputes. We can help you find peace of mind through a well-prepared estate plan.

Faupel Musser Love, P.C., has almost 60 years of combined experience in protecting the estates of clients by writing effective wills, creating well-drafted trusts and crafting comprehensive plans that protect their beneficiaries. Even a short period of planning can do wonders for an efficient distribution of assets and income after the death of its holder.

Making Life Better For Your Loved Ones

Our attorneys can create the following estate planning documents:

  • Wills — A personalized last will and testament transfers property to beneficiaries of your choosing.
  • Trusts — The right trust can distribute assets and income over time instead of all at once, extending their usefulness to heirs or protecting an endowment for years to come.
  • Powers of attorney — Appointing the right person to manage financial affairs and make decisions about property and health care can be invaluable if you become incapacitated and unable to look after your affairs.
  • Prenuptial agreement A legal contract governing marital assets before a marriage can save money and time spent in litigation by creating firm expectations for both spouses in life and after death.
  • Guardianships — If children are minors upon your death, a guardian can ensure their safety and security with full powers granted by a probate court.
  • Conservatorships — Conservators can handle financial assets and cover payments for health care and upkeep of a person who is unable to do so on his or her own.

We also assist those who have been honored with the responsibility of serving as executor or estate administrator for a loved one's estate.

Always There To Improve Your Estate

Our attorneys believe it's never too early to plan for your estate's future, and we are in it for the long haul to keep your plans up-to-date and serve the people and causes that are important to you.

Our office in Ann Arbor serves clients in southeastern Michigan. Give our office a call at 734-881-9484 for a free 15-minute phone consultation about how we can help you. We can also be contacted online.