Protecting Your Interests In Child Custody Cases

We always want the best for the children of our clients. Even when parents disagree about support or property, we can all agree that children deserve the best chance at happiness and a full life uninterrupted by hardship. Divorce, however, is a big change for children, and that is why parents are always encouraged to work together to sort out child custody when necessary.

Courts in Michigan use the best interests of the child standard to make decisions about where children will live and who will make decisions about their upbringing. At Faupel Musser Love, P.C., we will represent your interests as a parent and protect your children's best interests whether you are going through a divorce or need to settle child custody when you and your child's other parent never married.

We Have Your And Your Child's Best Interests In Mind

Child custody is more than where a child will live. In Michigan, it also means how parents will make decisions about a child's upbringing. This mostly includes education, health care and religious life. Custody may be sole, with one parent having all decision-making abilities, or joint, meaning the parents share these rights and responsibilities.

Judges and court officers take several factors into account when determining child custody:

  • The emotional ties that a child has to parents
  • The stability of each parent's home situation
  • Parents' ability to provide necessities of life and good moral guidance
  • The child's wishes, in certain situations

If a child is born out of wedlock, parents will also need to establish a custody and support plan. This can include needing to establish paternity.

Knowing The Law To Help Your Family

Our attorneys have the experience to help you with child custody negotiations and court proceedings. We can negotiate, modify or enforce child custody arrangements even if we did not represent you in a divorce. We approach family law with a dynamic lens, always ready to consider new approaches to create a plan that helps children live their best lives.

Contact our office, conveniently located in Ann Arbor to serve southeastern Michigan, to find out how we can help you with your family law case. A free 15-minute phone consultation is always a call away at 734-881-9484, or you can contact us online.