Making Divorce A Fresh Start

It is easy to think of divorce as an end and a failure after a close relationship. The attorneys of Faupel Musser Love, P.C., see divorce as an opportunity for a new life. The chapter that you write next depends on the choices you make and the quality of representation you have.

We have decades of experience in securing child custody and child support arrangements that work for our clients as well as skill in untangling the complexity of shared property and assets. We recognize that you need the right home, financial support and relationship with children to build the right life. We are ready to represent your interests in negotiations or in court to give you the best chance of getting your life on the right track.

Defending Your Interests When You May Feel Alone

Every divorce is unique. Even when surrounded by supportive friends and loved ones, it is easy to feel isolated and to think that no one else really understands what you are going through. Our lawyers will guide you through every detail of your divorce, standing up for your rights. This includes:

While many divorces can be successfully negotiated out of court, our attorneys have a long and proven track record as litigators who can fight for you when necessary. We will take the approach that works best for you and puts you in the strongest possible position for the future.

A Compassionate Approach To Divorce

We understand the stress most people feel when approaching divorce. We can help you visualize the better life that may be waiting for you.

Our attorneys are always ready to help divorce clients in southeastern Michigan, with offices conveniently located in Ann Arbor. Contact our office by email, or call 734-881-9484 today for a free 15-minute phone consultation to begin the process of dealing with and recovering from divorce.