Better Divorce Solutions Through Mediation

Divorces and child custody arrangements may lead to contentious behavior from spouses and parents, but that is not always the case. Constructive conversations and negotiations are often facilitated by a good mediator. This is often a faster, kinder and less-expensive route to solving differences and protecting families.

The attorneys of Faupel Musser Love, P.C., believe in the importance and usefulness of mediated settlements. We have represented countless clients during nearly three decades of family law practice, and many have been able to sort out property division and custody arrangements in mediation without lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

Saving Time, Money And Relationships

Litigation is often a costly venture involving lawyers, judges, court officers and many different types of fees. Mediation often has fewer expenses associated with it, as the lawyers and the mediator are the only required parties beyond the spouses. Family court judges in Michigan support mediation, with some jurisdictions even requiring an attempt at mediation before a family law case goes to court.

The mediation process is nonbinding; if either party is not satisfied or cannot come to an agreement, litigation is still an option.

Creating A New Paradigm Of Cooperation That Benefits The Children

One of the best reasons to mediate a divorce or child custody case is the children. Children are blameless in these cases, but they can often get dragged into disputes, seeing the worst of the process. Mediation helps parents maintain civility and set a standard for how children can expect their parents to cooperate after divorce. Since both parents will always be part of a child's life, both children and parents deserve the best chance at happiness with the results of mediation.

Enforceable Solutions To The Problems Of Divorce

Our attorneys will defend your interests in a mediator's conference room, and the result can be closer to your dream outcome than you might reach after a contentious series of court dates. Consider mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution in divorce and child custody cases.

Ask about mediation during a free 15-minute legal consultation with one of our practiced attorneys, scheduled with a call to 734-881-9484 or an email to our practice. Our office is located in Ann Arbor for the convenience of all clients in southeastern Michigan.