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Administrative Law

Trial lawyers don't just work in courtrooms; they often represent clients in administrative proceedings, which can include school board meetings, meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals, hearings regarding unemployment compensation or workers' compensation.

Consultation And Expert Witness Services

Sometimes the court or the parties need more information to make decisions in a case. The court can appoint an expert on its own, or the parties can individually or jointly petition for the appointment of an expert.

Real Estate

Real estate law covers many issues. It may involve representing a buyer or seller when the real estate is transferred — such as when buying or selling a home.

Home Purchase

When you buy a house, you sign your name to stacks of legal documents. But do you fully understand each document? Most people do not. That is why you want a lawyer to review the documents for you before your closing.


A property easement is a right to use a specific part of a property for a designated purpose. Conditions of an easement may be contained in the property deed or may be established in a separate document to prevent disputes.

Construction Lien Law

Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers have protection under Michigan construction lien law if they make "actual physical improvements" to real property or real estate (such as a home, other building or land) and are not paid.

Restoring Driver's Licenses

The Michigan Department of State's Administrative Hearings Section or the Driver License Appeal Division serves as one of the avenues of appeal for the average driver seeking reinstatement of a license revoked by the secretary of state for reasons personal protection orders.

A personal protection order (PPO) is a court order that attempts to stop threats or violence. It may protect you from being hit, threatened, harassed or stalked by another person.


You can appeal a court decision if you believe errors were made by the trial court. When you appeal, a higher court reviews the case to determine if legal errors affected the outcome.

Name Changes

A person may submit a petition to change his or her name as long as he or she shows sufficient reason for the change.