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Preparing for an immigration interview in Michigan

If you are going through the immigration process in the state of Michigan, it is likely that you have been filing a great deal of paperwork and have dealt with a lot of stressful situations. Successful immigration is a very long process in the United States, and in order to deal with it as well as possible, it is important that you take the time to understand the various processes involved.

Doing well at your immigration interview is particularly important for a successful process. The following are some common questions that people have before they embark on the interview process.

The factors considered in a Michigan child custody case

Child custody is always a difficult issue to deal with when two parents separate. There may be disagreements on how best to raise a child, and there may also be concerns from one parent about the child's safety and welfare when they are with the other parent.

The state of Michigan seeks to make a child custody ruling that is in the child's best interests. Many parents are confused about how the courts decide what would be in the child's best interests. They do this by assessing several factors to establish where the child will get the best care and emotional support.

3 types of divorce mediation: Which is right for you?

Arguably, any kind of divorce mediation is better than no divorce mediation. The process will probably save you time, headache and money during the finalization of your divorce. That being said, there are several types of divorce mediation that couples will be able to choose from when they're finalizing a break-up.

Here are three popular styles of mediation today:

Mediation can help you to agree on spousal support

There is no doubt that the process of divorce is difficult for many different reasons. There are many social challenges that are difficult to face. For example, divorcing spouses need to break the news of the divorce to their children and other loved ones. But there are also financial challenges to resolve. One issue that can cause the most anger and resentment in the state of Michigan is the question of spousal support.

Spousal support is awarded for good reason: It is an attempt to level the financial playing field for each spouse, and create fair opportunities for financial independence. Many divorcing spouses who have spousal support obligations tend to put up a fight because they believe it would be unfair to part with their hard-earned cash for the sake of their ex-spouse. However, they tend to overlook the nonfinancial contributions that their ex-spouse has made in the marriage.

What to consider before adopting a child in Michigan

Adopting a child, just as having a biological child, can be one of the most simultaneously rewarding and challenging things that you will ever do. Adopting can take a great deal of planning, and it is important that you take many things into consideration before you make the commitment.

Traditionally, it has been very difficult to adopt in the state of Michigan because of the legal requirements. Until 1995, an adoption could not take place until the court had terminated the rights of the biological parents of the child. However, now it is possible to make a placement of a child at birth while the legalities are being processed.

Is your spouse hiding assets? Watch out for these tricks

Are you worried that you may not get what you deserve in the divorce? It's a concern for a lot of people, but not just because of what a court will decide. They also worry that their spouse may hide assets and money from them, trying to make it look like the division of assets is fair when it's really skewed heavily in their favor.

If you worry about that, watch out for these three tricks that people use:

Skipping college increases the odds of divorce

You probably did not think about divorce when deciding if you should go to college or not. You considered your career, the financial impact and a lot of other factors. You may not even have been married yet, so you definitely were not worrying about the end of that marriage.

However, studies have found that going to college -- or skipping it -- can have a massive impact on the odds of divorce.

Stepparents can adopt stepkids in Michigan in certain situations

When you fall in love with and marry someone who already has children, that usually means the children become a part of your life as well. In the vast majority of cases, your role as stepparent will be to provide your spouse with practical and financial support in raising the children.

You may need to familiarize yourself with the terms of the parenting plan if the other parent still has shared custody or visitation rights.

Proving that you deserve sole custody of your child isn't easy

Parents who question their ex's ability to raise their child may decide to wage a custody battle in hopes of being awarded more parenting time. Those who decide to do this often ask what it takes for a judge to decide to award increased custody to them as opposed to their ex.

While the factors that a family law judge considers vary by jurisdiction, every judge is expected to make decisions that are always in the best interest of the child.

Qualifications you must meet to receive a K-1 fiance visa

The growth in the use of the internet, even in some of the most remote places in the world, has made it easier for singles looking for love to meet others, even if both parties are separated by thousands of miles. This has led to an uptick in applications for K-1, also known as "fiance visas" in recent years in the United States.

A K-1 is a type of nonimmigrant visa that those individuals slated to marry United States citizens can apply for. Once their application is approved, the foreign-born fiance of the American citizen sponsor has 90 days to marry once they arrive in the U.S.

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