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Deciding on Parenting Time Plans

In every case involving minor children, the court must enter an order or judgment for parenting time and custody.  Many times, the parents themselves are able to reach an agreement, perhaps through mediation.  That is the ideal.  If the parents ca… Read More
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Parenting Over The Holidays If You Are Separated Or Divorced

Deck the halls with boughs of holly… I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me… Silent night, holy night… Dancing around the Christmas tree… Hearing these Christmas carols or seeing other signs of the holiday can make you feel like so… Read More
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Fighting CPS And The Court To Get Your Children Back

Michigan has a Juvenile Code that covers proceedings to terminate parental rights based on abuse or neglect. When there is a complaint to CPS about abuse or neglect, CPS has the obligation to “investigate” the claim and substantiate it if there i… Read More
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To Wed Or Not To Wed-That Is The Question Now That Same Sex Couples Can Marry

Now that the United States Supreme Court has decided the landmark case of Obergefell v Hodges, 135 S.Ct. 2584 (June 26, 2015), LGBT or same sex couples can marry—not only in Michigan but anywhere in the United States.  They can marry in other coun… Read More
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Student Loans and Divorce

Financial distress is a major contributor to the breakdown of many marriages. The student loan crisis in America is reaching epidemic proportions, with 1 in every 5 households paying on an outstanding educational loan, and 10% of households owing mo… Read More
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Not Every Deed To Real Estate Is The Same

People buy and sell personal property all the time on Ebay, Craig’s List, and other places where property is regularly listed for sale. In the law, there are a few different “types” of property. One type of property is real property, commonly k… Read More
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Loan Modifications and Minefields

So…you have a high-interest mortgage or an adjustable rate mortgage, and you notice that there are better deals out there. In fact, after the real estate crisis in 2007-08, the federal government encouraged lenders to offer “loan modifications,… Read More
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Oh What A Web They Weave When They First Practice To Deceive

If you think you have problems, you should read the decision in Ketchmark v Haynan, which was issued on September 15, 2015 by the Michigan Court of Appeals (Docket No. 321201).  This case involves Judge Archie Hayman, who was the chief judge of the… Read More
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Appointed Receiver Can Prevent Mischief In Divorces

Almost everyone who deals with divorce has a horror story about how a party dissipated the marital estate, destroyed property, or repeatedly violated court orders.  There is a solution for that:  a court can appoint a receiver.  At that point, a p… Read More
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Financial Reality for Divorcees

There is a distinct difference between representing a man in a divorce and a woman in a divorce.  Most men will say, “Whatever happens, don’t let her get my retirement.”  Women say:  “Whatever happens, I want the house.” While people are… Read More
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