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When Could a Parent Lose His or Her Parental Rights

Not all Michigan parents are fit to raise children. While courts largely view it to be in the best interest of children to have a mother and father who both spend time as their caregivers, there are circumstances when a parent has various problems th…
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Categories: Child Custody

What You Need to Know About Michigan Spousal Support

The employment of spousal support, also referred to as alimony, occurs in cases where it’s necessary to even the economic playing field while the couple adjusts to life apart. If a couple cannot agree to terms of spousal support, determination abou…
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Categories: Spousal Support

Are you a Single Person Looking to Adopt a Child?

The traditional view of adoption is that of a male and female couple who take a baby or child in their home. However, times are changing. Considering how many marriages end in divorce, and that a child may end up in a single parent home anyway, why s…
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