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Preparing for an immigration interview in Michigan

If you are going through the immigration process in the state of Michigan, it is likely that you have been filing a great deal of paperwork and have dealt with a lot of stressful situations. Successful immigration is a very long process in the United States, and in order to deal with it as well as possible, it is important that you take the time to understand the various processes involved.

The factors considered in a Michigan child custody case

Child custody is always a difficult issue to deal with when two parents separate. There may be disagreements on how best to raise a child, and there may also be concerns from one parent about the child's safety and welfare when they are with the other parent.

3 types of divorce mediation: Which is right for you?

Arguably, any kind of divorce mediation is better than no divorce mediation. The process will probably save you time, headache and money during the finalization of your divorce. That being said, there are several types of divorce mediation that couples will be able to choose from when they're finalizing a break-up.

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