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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law Family law is a personal and complex area of law that governs family relations. While divorce is the most common family law issue, our Ann Arbor law firm has vast experience in a variety of matters.  Faupel Law is ideally qualified to handle comple… Read More

Best Interest of Child

When determining the custody of a child, judges must consider what is in the best interest of the child. In Michigan, there are 12 factors to consider. The court takes these 12 factors very seriously. Faupel Law has assisted many families with child… Read More

Child Custody

One of the most emotional and complex areas of any divorce matter is the issue of child custody. It is crucial that you trust the lawyer who represents you in these matters, not only to help you achieve a fair agreement, but also to consider what wi… Read More

Child Support

For qualified representation in child support matters, turn to a lawyer at Faupel Law. Our attorneys are highly-experienced advocates, representing the interests of clients in Washtenaw County and throughout southeastern Michigan. We take the time to… Read More

Change of Custody

Modifying a custody decision is not an easy task. It can be done, but you will need the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced family lawyer to prove your case. This is the time for an attorney who thoroughly understands what Michigan family cour… Read More

Grandparent Visitation

In some child custody cases, grandparents have to request visitation rights from the courts to see their grandchildren. This can happen if their son or daughter is denied custody or visitation, or if their son or daughter dies, and under certain cir… Read More

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Many people choose to sign prenuptial agreements to protect their assets and avoid expensive divorce litigation. To help you meet your financial goals you need the assistance of a financially savvy lawyer. You can find sophisticated legal representat… Read More


Divorce Divorce is a complicated process that is best handled by a knowledgeable attorney. High-asset divorces are even more complex and deserve the attention of a lawyer who can review the entire case and advocate for your rights to property, alimony, ch… Read More

High-Asset Divorce

Cases with high assets generally involve high-profile people. The last thing in the world that these people want during their divorces is publicity about their net worth. Attorneys have a variety of ways these days to avoid publicity for these client… Read More

Property & Debt Distribution

If you need a lawyer with experience handling high net worth divorce, you can count on Faupel Law. In addition to our experience in family law, we have knowledge of corporate, tax, and securities law. When necessary, we will work with financial expe… Read More

Alimony & Spousal Support

For qualified representation in spousal support matters, turn to a lawyer at Faupel Law. Our attorneys are highly-experienced advocates, representing the interests of clients throughout southeastern Michigan. We take the time to get to know our clien… Read More


Through our divorce law practice, we represent many individuals in mediation proceedings. Mediation can be a healthy and cost-effective alternative to litigation and requires both spouses to negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement rather tha… Read More
Estate Plans

Estate Plans

Estate Plans It is never too early to start planning for the future. When it comes to estate planning, planning for the future can save your family a lot of confusion, argument, and ambiguity later. At Faupel Law, we are here to help you with all of your estate p… Read More


Drafting a Last Will and Testament can help ensure that your property passes to your family and loved ones as you desire. This can save your family a lot of stress, confusion and contention in the future. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, cre… Read More


A trust is an excellent means for transferring your assets after your death. Without a trust, after your will is probated, your heirs will receive the assets all at once. But a trust can manage the distribution over time. Trusts can also be created t… Read More

Powers of Attorney, Medical & Durable

You Can Plan for the Unexpected Planning for the future includes more than just financial planning. It is also important to provide for health care. The laws surrounding powers of attorney and living wills can be quite confusing. Working with a knowl… Read More
Business Law

Business Law

Business Law “Business law” describes many areas of law including the formation of a limited liability company (“LLC”), a corporation, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. A competent attorney can help you to avoid personal liability for business debt… Read More

Corporate & Business Law

You cannot afford to trust your business and corporate law needs to just anyone. This is your livelihood. You need a lawyer with business knowledge and a reputation for excellence. That is why Faupel Law is a smart choice. Our Ann Arbor-based attorne… Read More

Franchise Law

If you are a potential franchisee, you need a lawyer to make sure your interests are protected. Because franchise law can be complex, it is important to work with a business attorney who has experience with this area of law. You can trust the attorne… Read More

Business Mediation

Much like our mediation of family law matters, Faupel Law represents business clients looking to resolve business issues through mediation rather than litigation. We are experienced in negotiation tactics which we will employ to help you resolve your… Read More
Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate Real estate refers to purchases, sales, leases, condemnation proceedings, rezoning petitions and appeals (as well as other “land use planning” issues), closings, mortgages, foreclosures, land contracts, riparian rights, nuisance cases, trespass c… Read More

Home Purchase

When you buy a house, you sign your name to stacks of legal documents. But do you fully understand each document? Most people do not. That is why you want a lawyer to review the documents for you before your closing. We can identify any issues that m… Read More


A property easement is a right to use a specific part of a property for a designated purpose. Conditions of an easement may be contained in the property deed or may be established in a separate document to prevent disputes. There are two types of eas… Read More


Appeals You can appeal a court decision if you believe errors were made by the trial court. When you appeal, a higher court reviews the case to determine if legal errors affected the outcome. If the appellate court finds that the trial court made an error, t… Read More


Her loyalty and hope on my worst days allows me to live my life along with tough litigation because if she can move mountains for you, she will. Read More
– A Child Custody client

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The road to becoming an attorney (especially one who handles many family law cases) has been a true journey for me. I grew up in Highland Park, MI—which, back then, was a tree-lined city with the first community college in Michigan and a very progr… Read More

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