Ann Arbor, Michigan, Divorce and Asset Protection Attorneys

Ann Arbor, Michigan, Divorce and Asset Protection Attorneys

Divorce is a complicated process that is best handled by a knowledgeable attorney. High-asset divorces are even more complex and deserve the attention of a lawyer who can review the entire case and advocate for your rights to property, alimony, child custody, and other issues that may exist in your case. At the Ann Arbor law firm of Faupel Law, our lawyers are highly experienced at handling simple to complex divorces. Our practice areas include:


High Net Worth Divorce: Special Considerations

When a large marital estate is subject to division in the course of a divorce, it is important that you enlist the assistance of an attorney that has a full understanding of the way in which complex marital property division is handled. These types of estates come with their own unique issues, such as tax complications, that need to be thoroughly addressed to minimize future conflict. Read more on high net worth or high asset divorce.

Asset and Property Division

A focal point in a high-asset divorce is the division of the marital assets and property. Our firm concentrates on asset protection and pursuing the assets to which you are entitled. When dealing with a high-asset divorce, we often enlist the services of an accountant, forensic economic expert, or another type of expert who can help us sort out which assets are subject to division. This expert can also assist in determining debt division, since debts that are accumulated throughout the course of the marriage are also subject to division between the parties. In addition, we utilize the assistance of experts in order to determine the home equity or business valuation. This helps us better advocate for the appropriate distribution of these types of assets. We can also handle the investigation of your spouse in order to determine if there are any hidden assets or bank accounts. Read more on asset and property division.

Spousal Support

Spousal support (also known as alimony) is often awarded in high-asset divorce cases. A member of our firm can meet with you to determine if you qualify for spousal support. We can then seek the ordering of payments or attempt to block them, depending on your side in the case. Read more on spousal support.

If you need complex divorce or asset protection assistance, call 734-677-0776 today or contact Faupel Law online or via e-mail. A member of our legal team can review your case and provide you with a realistic view of the possible outcomes of the situation.

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