I have had Marian Faupel as my family law attorney for over 2 years now on a complicated case. Marian knows the family law area with past and up-to-date research and that includes court of appeals work. It is amazing to me that Marian constantly finds new resources and does not settle for old familar easy to go to solutions. She is a compassionate lawyer who demands honesty from her clients and provides you with honesty in return. Her wisdom of how the law works makes the expectations reasonable and she does not make promises she cannot keep. I think that is extremely important when wanting to find a lawyer who can be with you and defend your most vulnerable times, resources, and loved ones in your life. Her loyalty and hope on my worst days allows me to live my life along with tough litigation because if she can move mountains for you, she will. Marian's 30 years is star studded with Newsweek and recognition for research and teaching. I think it is often easy to forget that Marian is a top professional in the state because she is so down to earth, you would only know it by working with her. I hope you have the opportunity.

– A Child Custody client

... I did my research and Marian had an excellent reputation. We had our first meeting, and she did not say much at first but let me talk. This is important to note because your attorney needs to be a good listener so they know what your goals are – not their goals, your goals. I talked to Marian many times over the course of our relationship, and she always listened. ...

Marian is highly recommended and knows how to present a case and [is] extremely detailed in her investigation with each case that we have had her represent. She is personable and communicative beyond what we have experienced in the past. She is well seasoned attorney and it shows!! She won each of our cases and I am thankful that we chose her. She is also highly respected in her field.

– Michelle, a Child Custody client

Marian Faupel has tireless energy, compassion for her clients, attention to detail and a vast knowledge of family law. She has an ability to recall the smallest detail from our meetings. Going through a very long, emotional divorce and custody case, Marian continues to keep us on track with a positive and professional attitude. Cannot give enough accolades to this wonderful attorney!

– Jill, a Divorce client

Marian Faupel exemplifies the highest qualities one could seek in an attorney. I never doubted for a moment her commitment to me and my case. I came to her in distress, and she caringly and competently guided me to an absolutely successful resolution. She proposed the resolution that she thought would work best for me, which included review of my case with the other side's attorney, and continuation to mediation, if needed. She urged avoidance of a long drawn-out law suit, because of the likely emotional and financial toll, and she was right. She was always available, always concerned, and always on task to move my case forward. In addition, based on her knowledge, experience and skills, I thought her fees were exceedingly modest in comparison with what I had been led my others to expect in a case such as mine. I have referred many clients to her, and continue to do so.

– Beverley, an Employment client

Marian Faupel is a tireless, dedicated, extremely zealous advocate. Her attention to every detail and recollection is uncanny. She remembered details from my case that I had actually forgot and managed to organize a very complicated situation into a winning argument. I had access to Marian essentially 24/7 and she gave me her cell number and actually invited me to her personal home and wrote most of my complaint on a Sunday! Although all legal [work] is expensive I felt like I was getting at least 2-3 hours for every one hour billed. I didn't feel like the ticker was running every time I called. Marian loves lawyering and sees her practice as a privilege to serve; she concentrates on resolution and in my opinion puts people far before profit. Definitely someone you want in your corner.

– A Business Client


She was always available, always concerned, and always on task to move my case forward. Read More
– Beverley, an Employment client

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The road to becoming an attorney (especially one who handles many family law cases) has been a true journey for me. I grew up in Highland Park, MI—which, back then, was a tree-lined city with the first community college in Michigan and a very progr… Read More

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